Effective 4/19/2011 Htmyell Design & Development will now simply be known as Htmyell. This is part of a company wide reformatting effort to step away from new client based work and focus more on other endeavors. As part of the reformatting the following changes have been made:

  1. Htmyell will no longer be accepting new clients.
  2. Htmyell will no longer be accepting new requests for web/print/app  design or development.

However Htmyell will continue to:

  1. Maintain it's relationship with existing clients.
  2. Develop it's existing web apps, plug-ins, and modules.
  3. Provide limited support for the aforementioned.
  4. Update the site with web/print/app design and development tips and tricks.
  5. Update it's Facebook and Twitter pages with the aforementioned.

Very little will change for the majority of visitors. Anyone seeking new web/print/app design or development work should contact Richmond based: KenmontDesignGroup.

Htmyell is excited about the new changes and looks forward to helping beautify the web!

Thank you,

Jamie Taylor

About Jamie Taylor

Lead Developer and Interactive Manager at, Owner and operator of
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