Thank you! I like it really helped! …

Comment posted Adding Positions to OpenCart Theme by ckopnio.

Thank you! I like it really helped!

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  1. Hi! First I want to say you thanks. I found something like that about 8 hours.

    I have a question!

    Whit some modification I succeed to make this , work for OpenCart 1.5.0
    All works fine but if I want to put in header.tpl I see this ERROR:

    Notice: Undefined variable: content_middle in C:\wamp\www\MyShop\upload\catalog\view\theme\web7hztemplate\template\common\header.tpl on line 51

    What I want to do is to have 2 div display inline one will be logo and one will be slider .
    | |
    | header |
    | | |
    | | |
    | Logo | Slider |
    | | |
    | |
    | currency cart language |

  2. Because I can’t found modify button I what do ask you how can I put in content_middle the slideshow module. Actually I can put only the information module.

    Excuse my bad English!

    P.S. Also the first paragraph shall be Hi! First I want to say you thanks.I looked for something like this for about 8 hours and than I found you.

  3. Jamie Taylor

    You should be able to do that in your theme’s header.tpl and home.tpl files in “catalog/view/theme/*your-theme*/template/common/”

    in header.tpl look for:
    the php bit about the logo.

    and play with it’s positioning. Sorry I can’t be of more help, still new myself.

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Being new to Opencart I’ve been trying to find a way to insert a new module position and your article looks the goods but will this work in OC ?
    What I’m trying to achieve is a module position in the header for a login module to appear on all pages.

  5. hi there, very nice tutorial.
    following it, I have made it to make and put new position to a model.
    thank you.

    now, I can position the module to show before or after the header.
    but, what I really wanted to achieve is to position the module i-n-s-i-d-e the header.
    I have tried to echo the module in header.tpl file but Warning: Undefined variable… shows up.

    is there a solution for this?

    yes, I am using Opencart v. with custom theme.

  6. teeplates

    If you want to put the new module position inside the header, then you need to modify the controllor for the header. You need to let it know that your new position is a child.

    open catalog/controller/common/header.php


    $this->children = array(

    change to:

    $this->children = array(

    You can now put this inside your header.tpl:

  7. alexmay

    Hi! Аirst of all thank you for this fine manual.
    But, I can’t perform it on OC 1.5.4, despite the fact, that I did everything step by step.
    Firstly, you have error in example: “content_middle.php” in line 79,80,82. “home_one.tpl”, but and correctly “content_middle.tpl”
    Secondly, I heve erorr @Fatal error: Class ‘Controllercommonhomeone’ not found in Z:\home\oc\www\system\engine\controller.php on line 41″ I think this is because the class is not called as a controller.
    When, I rename class as controller – nothing happens. Error disappears, but the module not displayed.

    What do you think about this?

    Thanks in advance. Excuse my bad English!

  8. nariman

    I should opencart

    An error is @ Fatal error: Class ‘Controllercommonhomeone’ not found in Z: \ home \ oc \ www \ system \ engine \ controller.php on line 41 ”

    Replaced by class Controllercommonhomeone ControllerCommonHome.
    An error is Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ControllerCommonHome in / opt / lampp / htdocs / / catalog / controller / common / content_middle.php on line 87.

    Adapt the article and please for version opencart
    Thanks in advance. Excuse my bad English!

  9. appletango

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I can confirm that this works fine on 1.5.4 and I implemented it using VQMod so I didn’t have to change the core files directly.