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Hi One little tiny fix if you can?

1980's is showing up 1980\s.

Is this possible to fix this?

Thanks :)

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  • how do you fix 1980's is showing up 1980\s.

    Is this possible to fix this?

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  1. Thanks Jamie. I’ve just added this to my site and it works great. Your clear instructions made it really easy.

    It’s currently set up to tweet the item price before tax. Is there a way I can modify the code to show the price with VAT and to restrict the output to two decimal places?

  2. Yeah, you could multiply it by .whatever the VAT is:

    So if VAT was 8% you would change line 122 to something like:

    $vat = .08;
    if ($showprice){ $message .= ‘ Only $’ . number_format(( $products_price + $products_price * $vat), 2, ‘.’, ”) . ‘!'; }

    also you can see that by wrapping the equation in the number_format() function above we’ve ensured that we show and restrict the price to decimals.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the addon for Zencart. Just 1 question. Will autotweet work with zencart 1.38a? As I have followed your instructions and it does nothing.


  4. Hi One little tiny fix if you can?

    1980’s is showing up 1980\s.

    Is this possible to fix this?

    Thanks :)

  5. how do you fix 1980’s is showing up 1980\s.

    Is this possible to fix this?

  6. Sorry for the late response. I’m not sure actually, the older version of autotweet (which you can download at: and scroll down) should work however, the instructions are outdated as facebook has changed the app process about a dozen time.

  7. Hi Jamie, I’m just getting to learn php and was trying your up date to make autotweet show prices +tax, as you posted a few months ago.
    I was wundering did this actually work for the tweets as when I added this to the php file it caused an error? More than likely it was me adding ti wrongly.

    I commented out the origional line

    //if ($showprice){ $message .= ‘ Only £’ . $products_price . ‘.'; }

    and replaced it with

    if ($showprice){ $message .= ‘ Only £’ . number_format(( $products_price + $products_price * $vat), 2, ‘.’, ”) . ‘!’; }
    It has started to throw up some parse error 6 or 7 at a time All related to line 126, which is the line in the code related to this change. Have I messed things up?

    It was all working befor I changed to show prices with TAX
    I will revert back to the origional file and await your answer.

  8. Make sure when copying from the web you’re changing the quotes to standard single quotes… a lot of times they copy over as an unrecognized character.

  9. also you may need to use the hex code for the ‘pound’ symbol as opposed to the actual symbol it’s self.

  10. Hi Jaime,

    I recently downloaded this module from zen cart and I am using version 1.5.1 when I look at the file I see that there isn’t an area to put in my twitter user name and password just which in all honesty is confusing me. I went to and signed up using my @atmospherebooks from twitter, is that my name. Also is this mod compatible with ZenCart 1.5.1?

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