Remote control your client’s web site from your server.

Sadly we’ve all had clients that just turned around and decided not to pay. Stylelock helps give you some control over the situation. You can enable or disable the client’s stylesheet by typing either “yes” or “no” in the first line of a text file hosted on YOUR server.

In the second line of the text file (and all lines after) just type the message to the client if you decide to disable the stylesheet. (you can use HTML and i suggest it be as disruptive as possible).

To set up:

  1. Edit and upload var.txt to your server *you can rename this to whatever you want (i.e. clientsname.txt)
  2. Upload stylelock.php to client’s server in the same directy as the index/home file.
  3. If not already a php file, rename their home page to .php (i.e. index.html to index.php)
    (dont worry it will work the same and you can change it back when done)
  4. In the on your document, replace the stylesheet line with:


require_once ("stylelock.php");
echo lock("", "");

***change the first url to the address of your text file (on your server)
***change the second one to the address of the stylesheet (the .css file can be placed on either server but it would be safer to host it on yours until paid in full).


*For added security, you could encrypt the html in your text file ( or even call an external .js file if you decide to disable a client that you think would be able to it figure out.
*This may not be 100% but should do the trick with most clients.
*Requires cURL extension on client’s server.
*Obviously provided without liability and without guarantee/warranty.

Download: [download id=”1″ format=”3″]