• Added super simple installation!!!
  • Added multipage support!!!
  • Added full currency support for Dollar, Pound, and Euro as well as the ability to not user a money sign!!!
  • Fixed problem with product descriptions not being added to page
  • Added Zen Cart integrated error and status alerts.
  • Added more error checking.
  • Removed need for JSON support.

autoFacebook 2.0 is (finally) here!

◦Added oauth 2.0 authorization to integrate with Facebook’s new Graph API calls.

◦Added Zen Cart integrated error checking and status alerts.

You heard me right… autoTweet 3.0 is now out. I know what you’re thinking;

“But Jamie, didn’t you just release 2.0 like last week?”

Yep another version of autoTweet for Zen Cart. Just thought I’d share it here until it’s up at Zen-Cart.com Note: This mod was tested on Zencart 1.3.9a and up although probably works just fine on 1.3.8. This modification automatically updates your Twitter followers every time you add a product to your store. It will tweet […]

Yep, that’s right… yet another social media plug-on for Zen Cart. This one, automatically generates Open Graph Tags in your header. As well all know Open Graph is supposed to be a way of the future. Some people even projecting that it will change the way we use the web. Well Im not sure about that, however, not to be left in the past I created this little bit of script for everyone’s favorite e-commerce solution.

This little bit of code allows you to integrate the new Facebook Open Social Graph API into your store’s header info.

AutoTweet V 1.01 for Zen Cart 1.3.8 and 1.3.9a.

Remote control your client’s web site from your server.

AutoFacebook automatically updates your store’s facebook page whenever a new product is added via your admin backend. AutoFacebook is easily integrated with AutoTweet. AutoFacebook is provided up the GNU General Public License without warranty. Note: always back up your files before making any changes to your sore. AutoFacebook has only been tested on zencart 1.3.8 […]